Our Story

About Us

Kofi Kraze2 is the brand of premium cold brew coffee owned by Silkflex Exa Sdn Bhd, which is the F&B arm of the Silkflex group of companies. Silkflex was formed 20 years ago to develop eco friendly technologies with world wide applications. Silkflex is currently nominated by global brands like H&M, Puma, C&A, Mothercare, Lidl, IKEA and Walmart. Similarly, Kofi Kraze2 is aimed at complementing and improving the international coffee market which is currently rather predictable and boring.


Dr. Eric HL Tan (Ph.D. Chemistry)
An internationally well published and multiple patent holder member of the American Chemical Society. Well recognized worldwide in the field of environment friendly technologies.

Logo Description

The Kofi Kraze2 logo is defined as a vibrant wheel of time with an axle of perfect ice crystal. This auspicious symbol represents the arrival of cold brew coffee through evolution of tropical and international expressions. Positively, Kofi Kraze2 cold brew is the new black (coffee).